Tour Ref MSA 2702 – Fishing North Kenya Bank


Tour Ref MSA 2702 – Fishing North Kenya Bank


The North Kenya Bank (NKB) starts 36 miles from Malindi. It is a steep Bank, which rises up from very deep water. It is these steep banks that attract Bait Fish and in turn bring in the predators. Due to the distance one must cover to reach the Banks we do a 2-day / 1 night trip out there. We leave Malindi harbour at l0 am and cruise out at 15-20 knots. It normally takes 2 1/2 hours to reach the closest point where the Bank starts to rise “the inside Ledge”. From here we start trolling at normal speed. All 3 of the Marlin family and Sailfish are found here, and it is these fish that one targets during the day. Any fish caught on the fist day are tagged/released unless they are needed for bait. From August to November the Banks hold shoals of big Yellow-fin Tuna ranging from 25 – 100kgs. At this time of year we do Day Trips out to the NKB, as these fish are great sport. With the 2-day trip we fish slowly out to the “outside drop off” where the water is very deep and the night is spent hunting the elusive Broadbill Swordfish. Billfish and Tuna have been caught right out to the Broadbill spot, which is 55-60 miles from Malindi. At sundown the crew prepare for night fishing. This either entails “drifting” with squid deep down or “trolling” very slowly with lures and light sticks. The latter technique is proving to be the most successful. It was first used in Kenya three some years ago and is now spreading worldwide. The next day is spent fishing back to Malindi. Most of the time we fish until 2pm and then cruise back, getting in at around 4.30pm. We have had some incredible results from this area.


For those who find the North Kenya Banks trip too long, yet still want to catch a Broadbill, there is the South Mlima. The South Mlima is about 25 miles from Malindi and therefore it doesn’t take too long to get there and the Broadbill fishing has been very good in this area. Our biggest Broadbill was caught here.

We offer two different options on this trip:

  1. Leave Malindi at 2pm and fish out to the Mlima (mountain) giving you a chance for other Billfish before it gets dark. At sunset the crew will prepare for Broadbill fishing which will either be spent drifting deep with squid or trolling slowly with strip baits and lures. The next morning fish back to Malindi arriving back by l0am.
  2. Leave Malindi at 5pm and cruise straight out to the Mlima, as soon as you arrive the crew will prepare for Broadbill fishing as above. On first light cruise straight back to Malindi, arriving back by 6.00am.

Species of the Malindi waters:


  • Blue Marlin
  • Black Marlin
  • Striped Marlin
  • Sailfish
  • Broadbill Swordfish


  • Tigershark
  • Bullshark
  • Blacktip Shark
  • Silvertip Shark
  • Spinnershark
  • Mako
  • Hammerhead


  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Wahoo
  • Dorado
  • Kingfish
  • Barracuda
  • Giant Trevally
  • Skipjack Tuna
  • Cobia & many more

Full day – 6:30 to 16:30 (10 hours)
Short day – 6:30 to 13:30 (7 hours)
On our “normal” daily Trips, fishing starts right off the Malindi Waters.

Depending on the fishing and seasonal conditions, we then head for the known Hotspots
(e.g. Mambrui, Ngomeni, Watamu Banks, Rips…) trying different techniques:


  • Trolling baits and/or lures for Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo and Marlin
  • Power drifting with live bait for Marlin, Shark and Giant Trevally
  • Baiting for Tiger Sharks
  • Bottom fishing with bait for Grouper and some tasty Snappers for your lunchtime
  • Jigging for GTs, Yellowtails, Grouper and Snapper

Whatever our clients want, the experienced kingfisher crews are always trying to fullfill their wishes. The novice angler is encouraged to hook the fish on his own
and the helpful crew will patiently teach him all the tricks.


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