Tour Ref MSA 2703 – Forest Cycling Tour


Tour Ref MSA 2703 – Forest Cycling Tour


Mountain Biking in Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Malindi, Coast Province Kenya. Watamu Beach is located at 120 km/74 mi in the north of Mombasa and 28 km/17 mi in the south of Malindi, the nearest big town. The shoreline of this area consists of white sandy beach and offshore corals forming three bays, namely Watamu bay, Turtle bay and Blue Lagoon. The bay is protected by a coral reef almost 0.5 km/546.81 yd off the shore.

For bikers who love to spice up their rides, Watamu offers several routes but the recommended path for the ultimate experience is the Arabuko Sokoke Forest path.

The main access is at the Gede Forest station at 1.5 km/1640 yd from Watamu and at an altitude in between of 200 m/656 ft and 400 m/1312 ft.

The trail starts at 6 km/3 mi from the Gede entrance and runs for 30 km/18 mi.  Level of of difficulty here is rated moderate – hard. The path is woven through spectacular coconut groves and mango plantations with some sandy stretches and peddling can sometimes be impossible. The biking expedition is a guided tour with a qualified guide

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