Ethiopia Easter – Fasika

Ethiopia Easter – Fasika

Easter is the celebration of the Christ’s resurrection took place on Sunday that for this reason was named as the “lord’s day“. Fasika (Easter) is celebrated after 55 days sever lent fasting (Hudade or Aby Tsome ). Orthodox Tewahido Christian does not eat meat and dairy products for the whole 55 day to commemorate the 40 days of lent fasting of Jesus before his crucifixion. Only vegetarian meals such as lentils, ground split peas, grains fruit and varieties of vegetable stew accompanied by Injera and /or bread are eaten on these days. During the fasting days, the first meal of the day is taken after 3 pm (9 O’clock in the afternoon of Ethiopia time), except Saturday and Sunday when a meal is allowed after the morning service.


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