Gambella National Park


Region: Gambella

Geographical Location:-West Ethiopia,850km west of Addis Ababa


Physical features: EXTENSIVE Swamps and wetlands of the Akobo river system

Rainfall;is1500mm a year, falling b/n April and October

Temperatures are high

Vegetation:-Semi-arid open Woodland, Savannah, swamp

Fauna:-The park conations forty-one(41) Species many representative of neighboring Sudan and not found elsewhere in Ethiopia, such as Nile Lechwe and the white-eared kob,the latter migrating in Large numbers. Roan antelope, topi, elephant, buffalo, lelwel hartbeest, lion, and giraffe are also present.

Birdlife:-The most important of the 154 bird species present here is the whale-headed stork, an unusual large billed, tall bird seen standing in the swamps.

Visitor Facilities: NO development yet.

Gambella National Park

Gambella National Park is a remote and swampy park established primary to protect population of two endangered wetland antelopes whose range is restricted to this part of Ethiopia and adjacent regions in southern Sudan. The park has never been fully protected, the area does support significant though shrinking populations of Elephant, Buffalo and Lion, as well as Roan antelope, Tiang, Lelwel hartebeest, Olive baboon and Guereza monkey. Several interesting birds inhabit the Gambella National Park, notably Ethiopia’s’ only population of the elusive and weird looking Shoebill Stork. Other interesting and unusual species found in the park include the country’s entire population of the localized Lelwel hartebeest, Paradise Whydah, the lovely Little green bee eaters, as well as Black-faced Fire Finch, Red-necked Buzzard, Egyptian Plover, and several localized but drab Cisticolas and other Warblers.


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