Lake Zuway

This Lake has got its name from the resident ethnic groups numbering about 1000 and called Zay.  Lake Zuway has an  area of 434km2 ,a  width of 20km, Length 25km,depth 4m,an altitudes of 1846m.It is the largest one  among  the   North-part of the  Rift Valley  Lake.

Lake Zuway has five different size islands known as Tulu Gudo (Debre Tsion), DebreSina, Galila, Findro and Tedecha, on which are established Ethiopian Orthodox Churches.  The Largest  Island is Tulu Gudo and it is believed  that on this  island  was exiled with some 300 priests the Ark of the Covenant in the time of Yodit and remained there for about  70(40) years.  The people of the island are said to be the remnants those of immigrants of Axum. The Language of these people has close similarities to the Guraghe to the west and the Harari to the east. These people lead their life by practicing terraced agriculture for centuries and they are also fish Corporation Many of them have reed (papyrus) boats similar to the tankwas that ply the waters of LakeTana.

Because of the Lakes many fish which include Tilapia nilotica ,a fishing  station was set up the area a few years ago. This has had the incidental effect of attracting a considerable number of aquatic(water) Birds Including Knob-billed geese,pelicans,and an occasion sadle –billed stork,etc. The lake beach is also home to a model Seminary and Training center run by the E.O.C. Another prominent feature is the Ziway Horticultural Corporation where gardens can be seen from the road, which exports fruits and vegetables to several European Contries as well as fresh cut flowers to Holland.


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