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Book this tour to combine adventure and spiritual matters. You will visit the Ancient pyramids and temples.

Day 1: Arrive Cairo

Upon arrival in Cairo airport, you will be met and greeted by our team and transferred to the hotel in our air-conditioned vehicle. After the check-in, you will have a brief meeting to review your holiday program. Overnight in Cairo at Hilton Pyramids Golf Hotel or similar

Day 2: Cairo – Spiritual Program Workshop

After breakfast, depart to attend one of the unique workshops about your spiritual program. You will enhance your spiritual experience and expand your knowledge on these sacred sites. You will enjoy an activation of the higher chakras and a meditation. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 3: Aswan Nile Cruise Tours

After breakfast, transfer to the local airport for your domestic regular flight to Aswan where you will be met by our team and transferred to the Nile Cruise in Aswan. Aswan is a major city along the Nile and considered the Root Chakra. The main god of Aswan is Khnum who is ram-headed, the god of creation who sits on the potter’s wheel and forms and makes individuals out of clay. When visiting Aswan, many people experience what is described as “a new birth.” You will visit the temples of Philae & Unfinished Obelisk and the Oil Factory. Dinner and overnight on-board the cruise in Aswan

Day 4: Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples

After breakfast in the cruise, sail to visit the temple of Ko Mombo at the Navel Chakra. This temple is dedicated to 2 gods, Sobek and Ra Hr Akhty. Sobek is the crocodile god which represents the Lower Self, and the god Ra Hr Akhty — Horus Who Is In the heaven — represents the Higher Self. This temple holds the Atlantean energy. If you are ready for this experience you will detach from the struggles of own higher and lower self, to let go of fear and negativity as we see the struggle between the higher and lower selves depicted on the temple walls. Later, sail to Edfu which is still in the area of the Navel Chakra. We will see the struggle of good and bad through the story of Isis, Osirus, Set and Horus. At Edfu temple, you will connect with your hidden emotions. We will visit the sanctuary in the rear of the temple – temple of Horus – his energy is still very present. Take afternoon tea during sailing to Esna. Dinner and overnight on-board the cruise.

Day 5: Luxor Nile Cruise Excursions

After breakfast in the cruise, we sail to karnak temple which is the Solar Plexus chakra. “The tradition of the ancient world is called The Masters of the Net, an illustration from the temple walls at Karnak, showing Thoth, the Ibis headed god, standing behind the Egyptian high culture, stretching a cord, to give the extent of spirit moving in to physical space. While the Masters of the Net was one expression of the type of initiation that took place in great spiritual systems, to teach initiates how spiritual forces can be brought in to manifestation in the physical world, this net that is being described is the same thing that we find in modern physics as The Net of Space Time .” The temple of Karnak describes the process of the creation of the manifest universe, the descent of spirit into matter using the Golden Blueprint of Creation. The essence of Karnak temple comes most alive in a small sanctuary dedicated to Sekhmet the lioness goddess of healing and war. We will walk through the 7 doors into Sekhmet’s temple and experience the magnificent energies of healing and activation that she offers. Later, we visit the Luxor temple which is also associated with the 3rd chakra. The Temple of Luxor describes the structure of the human body, incorporating its energy centers, the Chakras. Dinner and Overnight on-board the Cruise.

Day 6: Luxor Nile Cruise Tours

After breakfast, disembark from the cruise and visit the West Bank and the Valley of the Kings, The temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahari & the Colossi of Memnon. (Optional Air Balloon at extra cost of usd 99 per person). Dinner and Overnight on-board the cruise

Day 7: Day at leisure in Luxor

After breakfast, you will have the day at leisure. Overnight in Luxor

Day 8: Dendarah and Abydos Temples

Today, you will visit the sanctuary at Dendarah which is dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of love. This center corresponds to the heart chakra. Abydos temple is also associated with the heart chakra, Osirion temple. Abydos is known as the place of healing and transformation. Overnight in Luxor

Day 9: Cairo

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the local airport for your domestic flight to Cairo. Upon arrival in Cairo, you will be met by our team and transferred to your hotel. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 10: Giza Pyramids and Sakkara

After breakfast, we will depart to visit Sakkara, which is at the Throat Chakra. Sakkara is aligned with god Thoth, the enlightened communicator, the holy scribe and wisdom keeper. This intuitive center is associated with the gift of teaching, communication, and cultural knowledge. Sakkara opens the portal to communication, growth, expansion and speaking ones higher personal truth. If we move a little north, we arrive at Giza, or the Brow Chakra. The Sphinx is “the soul star” pathway to accessing ancient knowledge through meditation and divination. Through an expanded place of awareness it is possible to see all things as they truly are with no questions or judgements. As we connect with the energies of the Great Pyramid, you will feel a sense of a doorway between dimensions opening. Here we will crawl through ancient passages into the deepest corners of our souls. The Great Pyramid is also a representation of the human skull, and therefore the King’s Chamber is representing the core centre of the Earth, and therefore representing the core centre of the human brain! So Chamber of the Great Pyramids is the Crown Chakra. The Ancient Egyptians believed that it was here that they taught the mystery of the immortality of the soul. It is evident that the knowledge possessed during the times the Pyramids are said to have been built included a complete grasp of astronomy, solar systems, planetary bodies, distances, the procession of the equinoxes and the fixed star groupings, sacred geometry, advanced mathematics, physics, geography. Overnight in Cairo

Day 11: Cairo Tours

After breakfast, drive to visit the Egyptian Museum to admire many fascinating artifacts. There is extra ticket (not included) for the Mummies room at the Museum. Proceed to visit Salah El Din Citadel which was constructed by Salah El Din in 1183 AD to defend Cairo from the armies of Crusaders. You shall proceed to visit the Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque which was designed by the architect Yousif Boushnaq, a Turkish man who came from Istanbul to build this great mosque for Mohamed Ali, the ruler of Egypt (1805-1849) who ruled Over 45 years. You will have your lunch in one of the local restaurants. Later, proceed to Coptic Cairo to visit the Hanging Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 12: Departure

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the Airport for your flight back home


  • Airport meet and greet services
  • Transfers in our air-conditioned vehicle
  • One-way domestic regular flight from Cairo to Aswan
  • One-way domestic regular flight from Luxor to Cairo
  • 5-night accommodation in Cairo on BB
  • 3-night accommodation on a 5 star superior cruise on FB
  • 3-night accommodation in Luxor on BB
  • English-speaking guide
  • All tours as per the itinerary
  • Entrance fees to all sites as per the itinerary
  • Entrance fees inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops & Sekhmet at Karnak Temples
  • Bottled water during the tours
  • Meals as per the itinerary
  • All service charges and taxes


  • International flights and taxes
  • Entry visa to Egypt
  • Any optional tour not mentioned above as included
  • Any expense of personal nature
  • Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Gratuities and tips
  • Deviation from above itinerary
  • Personal insurance cover
  • Any item not mentioned as included above


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