Yangundi Rasa National Park

Yangundi Rasa National Park


Region: Afar

Geographical Location:-500km north east of Addis Ababa on Awash Asab road.


Physical Features: Temperatures’ is high as in Awash National park. Very little rainfall as the area is semi- desert.

Vegetation:-semi-desert trees and scrub, savannah, open.Woodland

Fauna:-Thirty six(36)species of mammal, including wildass, GrebyZebra, gerenuk, Beisa Oryx, Hamadryads Baboon, Soemmering’s gatelle, and alt’s dik-dik.

Birdlife:-The 136 species of birds include two endemics.

Visitor facilities: Not yet Developed/Billen lodge can be served. Hotel in Gawane.

Yangudi-Rassa National Park

This roughly 5000 km2 National Park consists of mount Yangudi and the surrounding Rassa plains, and it harbors the only existing population of the African wild ass, a critically endangered species ancestor to the domestic donkey. Other large Mammal species survive in Yangudi Rassa, notably Beisa oryx, Soemmering’s and Dorcas Gazelle, Gerenuk and possibly Grevy’s Zebra. A good selection of dry country birds is resident in the area. The Arabian Bustard is a special and Ostriches are frequently observed

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