This Lake has got its name from the resident ethnic groups numbering about 1000 and called Zay.  Lake Zuway has an  area of 434km2 ,a  width of 20km, Length 25km,depth 4m,an altitudes of 1846m.It is the largest one  among  the   North-part of the  Rift Valley  Lake.

Lake Zuway has five different size islands known as Tulu Gudo (Debre Tsion), DebreSina, Galila, Findro and Tedecha, on which are established Ethiopian Orthodox Churches.  The Largest  Island is Tulu Gudo and it is believed  that on this  island  was exiled with some 300 priests the Ark of the Covenant in the time of Yodit and remained there for about  70(40) years.  The people of the island are said to be the remnants those of immigrants of Axum. The Language of these people has close similarities to the Guraghe to the west and the Harari to the east. These people lead their life by practicing terraced agriculture for centuries and they are also fish Corporation Many of them have reed (papyrus) boats similar to the tankwas that ply the waters of LakeTana.

Because of the Lakes many fish which include Tilapia nilotica ,a fishing  station was set up the area a few years ago. This has had the incidental effect of attracting a considerable number of aquatic(water) Birds Including Knob-billed geese,pelicans,and an occasion sadle –billed stork,etc. The lake beach is also home to a model Seminary and Training center run by the E.O.C. Another prominent feature is the Ziway Horticultural Corporation where gardens can be seen from the road, which exports fruits and vegetables to several European Contries as well as fresh cut flowers to Holland.


Lake Tana, the largest lake, in Ethiopia is the source and from where the famed Blue Nile starts its long journey to Khartoum, and on to the Mediterranean. The 37 islands that are scattered about the surface of the lake shelter fascinating churches and monasteries, some of which have histories dating back to the 13th century. However, it should be noted that most of the religious houses are not open to women. The most interesting islands are: Birgida Mariam, Dega Estephanos , Dek, Narga, Tana Cherkos, Mitsele Fasiledes, Kebran and Deber Maryam.

Tana is the largest Lake of Ethiopia with an area of 3600km2Length 70 km, with 60km, depth 9m, and altitude 1840m.  Rivaling the attractions of the Blue Nile Falls are, the Lake Tana Thirty-seven islands.  Some twenty of these islands shelter churches and monasteries of significant Historical and Cultural Interest. They are decorated with beautiful paintings and are the repository of innumerable treasures.

Visitors will no doubt see tank was on the Lake Tana Shore and May at times catch glimpse of their construction. The tank was (Paphyrus Canoe) are Made by a Lakeside People called the Woyto, Who ply these craft across the waters of the tana Lake. Open at the Back end, the boats Passengers and goods to and from the many Islands in the Lake as they have done for centuries. These reed boats were, and still are, Constracted at BaharDar in the nearby Fogera Area.


(Neck-named as the residence of aquatic  birds and tea-colored Lake) has an area of 409km2, length 28km, width 12km, depth 260m,  and altitude 1587mm. Lake Shalla  is the deepest Lake in Ethiopia .This Lake is an exceptionally beautiful and still largely Untouched Stretch of  water ,with several hot Sulphurous springs that Bubble up by the shore and  Flow into the lake.

Although swimming is considered safe, it may feel strange the color of the water is like cold tea there is a high concentration of salts, making it feel soapy to the touch. Few fish are found in this Lake Bird fife is profuse in this area: the bright yellow masked weaver the red-rumped buffalo weaver, red –billed horn bill, African fifth eagle, Didrie’s cuckoo, Abysinian roller, and supers starling are all regularly seen. Ostrich breeding center is also found near by Lake Shalla, just to the right of the road Addis Ababa, Awasa, in front of the entrance to the left to Bekele Molla hotel.



(nick named “the Golden Lake”) has an area of 230km2 Length 18km Width 16km, depth 46m, and altitude 1585m. Lake Langano and Lake Shalla are the only two Lakes in the country considered safe bilharzias free- for swimming. Despite its brown color, the water in Langano is clean and pleasant.

A few birds make Langano their home, but this is less for the nature Lover than the water sports enthusiast and sun worshipper. Although there are hippo, the crocodile population is fortunately small, and you can waterski, windsurf, sail, swim, or sunbathe on the sloping sandy beaches. Boats and waterskies   are sometimes a viable on an hourly  retinal basis from both hotels on the Lake, whose beaches are popular camping spots.


It  is Crater Lake Found at a Distance of 30km From Dessie near the town of Haiq (3km), the chief town of Ambassel.  Lake has an area of 35km2, Length 7km, width 5km, depth 23m, and Altitude 2030 This lake as historical island on which the church of St .stephannos is constructed .this island was a famous center of church school from 13th –to the 15th centuries .today many religious treasures are gathered there for the sake of visitors  .women are not allowed to enter the monastery .This island now has become a peninsula because of the retreat of the water level of the lake .the lake is populated by aquatic bird and it is suitable for the sport fishing. Once there were established some house but they are never used by anybody.


Has an area of 551km2 length 26km, Width 22 km10m, and Altitude 1235m. The Lakes (Abaya and Chamo) are ringed by Savannah Plains and smoky Mountain Crests. The best point from which to explore these two Lakes- Which many consider to be the most Beautiful in the rift Valley –and national park of which Part of their Surface is an integrated part is from the town of Arba Minch. From the town on the ridge of Land that divides Abaya and Chamo, There are Commanding Views of the Panorama all around Including Bothe Lakes with Nachisar.

The Shore of Lake Chamo is a good place to view crocodiles, just south of the town, at a Place popularly referred to as the azo Gabaya or Crocodile market. This spot offers one of Africa’s most impressive displays of big crocs. An Unusual attraction is the crocodile farm close to the Abaya port at the north east sector of Arab Minch, Where visitors can see at Close hand these primaevl creatures at various stages of growth. As well as their crocodiles and bird life such as the fish eagle, for Nile perch- often weighing more than 100 kilos-and for the fighting tiger fish.


(Nick –named the Honeymoon Lake) has an area of 129km2. Length 16 km,width 9km,depth 10m,and altitude 1708m. Enclosed by a gentle chain of mountains, LakeAwasa Provides an ideal spot for Fishing and boating. The Lake with a circumference of 62km-boasts good Hotels and Campsites.The Lake waters teem With Fish Including Barbus, tilapia, And catfish in great numbers The abundant  storks and herons mingle with Kingfisher, darters, Plovers, Wild  ducks, Egyptian gees, crakes  and cormorants, creating  a colorful  spectacle.


This Lake Is found some 650km, Form Addis Ababa in the region of Tigray, and has an area of 20km2, Length 5km, Width 4m depth 25m, and altitude 240g. Now used as Fishing Place of People.


Nick – named as the Restaurant of many aquatic birds, has an area of 205km2 width 16km, length 60km, 14m, and altitude 1268. Its location is to the west of the Addis Ababa Awasa Road. Lake abyata is also Known as the birds paradise and certain Times of the year the greatest congregation of birds can be seen here. There is a more usual area of exceptional bird viewing. Here thousands of Flamingos rim the blue bays of the lake with Pink, Great white Pelicans display their fishing Prowess (pelican flyaway Film, Nick Name Pink Lake ) Pied king fisher’s Shower and dive, the distinctive cry of the African Fish Eagle fills The air and cormorants and Darters form strange silhouettes against the setting sun as they roost on dead acacia trees.

(the longest and Largest Lake in the Rift Valley and one of the two southern Lakes), has an area of 1,160km2 Length 60km, width 20km, depth 13m, and Altitude 1268m. Lake Abaya’s Surface is a startling contrast of Dark red, a color caused by the Suspend load of ferrous hydroxide in its water. The Guji ply the Waters of lake Abaya in the elegantly Carved High Ambatch Boat Similar to those depicted on of the ancient Egyptian Pharaos .