Lake Chamo

Has an area of 551km2 length 26km, Width 22 km10m, and Altitude 1235m. The Lakes (Abaya and Chamo) are ringed by Savannah Plains and smoky Mountain Crests. The best point from which to explore these two Lakes- Which many consider to be the most Beautiful in the rift Valley –and national park of which Part of their Surface is an integrated part is from the town of Arba Minch. From the town on the ridge of Land that divides Abaya and Chamo, There are Commanding Views of the Panorama all around Including Bothe Lakes with Nachisar.

The Shore of Lake Chamo is a good place to view crocodiles, just south of the town, at a Place popularly referred to as the azo Gabaya or Crocodile market. This spot offers one of Africa’s most impressive displays of big crocs. An Unusual attraction is the crocodile farm close to the Abaya port at the north east sector of Arab Minch, Where visitors can see at Close hand these primaevl creatures at various stages of growth. As well as their crocodiles and bird life such as the fish eagle, for Nile perch- often weighing more than 100 kilos-and for the fighting tiger fish.


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