The home of golf on Kenya’s coast, Nyali is a true seaside paradise; it’s perfectly formed greens flanked by flamboyant flame trees, its fairways alive with troops of velvet monkeys.

  •  18 holes, par71
  • Altitude: sea level
  •  Opened: 1958
  • Tee distance (championship): 6,715yards
  • Course rating (SSS):72
  • Designer: Monty Lowry
  • Tee distance (men’s): 6,510yards
  •  Tee distance (ladies’): 5,431yards

Located in the leafy Nyali suburb of Mombasa, Nyali Golf & Country Club is a traditional coastal course, lined with flowering trees and featuring impeccably maintained fairways and some of the fastest greens in Kenya. Its central location offers easy access to Mombasa’s world-class beach resorts, water sports centers, shops and restaurants-while the evocative 15th century landmarks of Fort Jesus and Mombasa’s Old Town are just as hot drive away.

Club house facilities include:

  •  Club rental
  • 280m driving range
  •  Two putting greens, one chipping green
  • Pro-shop with wide range of accessories
  •  Changing rooms with showers
  •  Swimming pool, gym, tennis and squash courts
  •  Restaurant and well-stocked bar


Auniqueandimpeccablymaintainedcoursebesideoneofthemostbeautifulstretchesofwhitesandon Earth, Leisure Lodge offers its guests the very best of both worlds.

  • 18 holes, Par72
  •  Altitude: Sea level
  • Opened: 1998
  •  Tee distance (championship): 6,632yards
  •  Course rating: 73, 72,69
  •  Tee distance (ladies’): 6,123yards
  •  Tee distance (men’s): 6,385yards
  •  Designer: Thomas Fjastad

It has been called the most beautiful in East African construction projects ever witnessed on Kenya’s South Coast, with miles of coral overlaid with sand and topsoil, the installation of an intricate web of pop-up sprinklers, and tones of tiff green, Penn link sand other special grasses imported from the United States.

Today, it is widelyregardedasoneofthemostexcitingandexactingcoursesonAfrica’samateurcircuit, with numerous tournaments staged here. As the only true beach-and-golf resort in Kenya, it guarantees guests an ultimate holiday aspiration.

Club house Facilities

  •  Branded clubs and buggies for hire
  •  270m driving range
  •  Putting green and practice bunker
  •  Pro-shop
  •  Changing rooms with showers
  •  2 fine restaurants and 3bars

Kenya’s greatest course with velvet greens and iconic club house.

  • 18 holes, par72
  • Altitude: 125 meters (410feet)
  • Tee distance (championship): 7,314yards
  •  Tee distance (men’s): 6,881yards
  • Tee distance (ladies’): 6,483yards
  •  Course rating (SSS): 75, 74,73
  •  Opened: 1st August2009
  •  Designer: David Jones

Nestled between the shimmering Indian Ocean and the rolling green hills of the Kenyan heartland, a landscape of lush, expansive beauty provides the setting for Vipingo Ridge, the newest and most striking addition to Africa’s great golf courses. The Baobab Course, the first of Vipingo Ridge’s two 18-hole courses, is built to international standards, with panoramic ocean views to the east and sun sets over the vast African interior to the west.

Club house facilities include:

  •  Golf clubs and buggies
  • 300m driving range with target greens
  •  Two large putting greens, chipping green with bunker
  • Pro-shop
  •  Locker rooms with showers
  • Restaurant, bar, roof top terrace

It is the finest of Nairobi’s championship golf courses.

  • 18 holes, par72
  • Altitude: 1,830meters
  • Tee distance: 7,290yards
  • Tee distance (men’s): 6,734yards
  • Tee distance (ladies’): 5,695yards
  • Course rating (SSS): Men-72,Ladies-72
  • Opened:1992
  • Designer: Tom Macauley

It is the Kenya’s first truly “international” 18-hole course celebrated for its captivating blend of world class championship golf with the more down-to-Earth delights of Africa’s natural heritage. Built on a former coffee estate, The Windsor is testament to the enduring vision of Tom Macauley, President of the former British Association of Golf Course Architects, who designed the course with a firm commitment to preserving the exceptional stands of virgin forest.

The course remains a critical sanctuary for several significant bird species, including Egyptian geese, black kites, and the majestic brown eagles that soar above its fairways. Two of the greens are completely ringed by water, adding an exhilarating test for both local and visiting golfers. The Windsor prides itself as a natural “starting point” for international golfers.

Club house facilities include:

  • Branded club sand buggies
  • Top brands for sale in the pro-shop
  • 273-yard driving range
  • Putting greens and practice bunkers
  • Changing rooms with showers
  • Hotel with restaurants, lounge bars
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Squash, tennis courts and jogging track

One of the first courses to draw overseas golfers to Kenya, Sigona remains one of the highflyers of African golf–and continues to draw unexpected visitors to its fairways.

  • 18 holes, par72
  • Altitude: 1,980meters
  • Tee distance (men’s): 6,890yards
  • Tee distance (ladies’): 5,631yards
  • Professional and Championship tournaments
  • Course rating (SSS): Men-72, Ladies-71
  • Opened: 1938
  • Designer: Tom Simpson

Originally constructed as one man’s fancy in 1938, it has brought delight to thousands of avid golfers over the past 70 years. The course was the farsighted dream of Mr. Jack Berkley-Matthews, head of the Kikuyu Estates agricultural company, who excised part of his firm’srollingwattletreeplantationstobuildapersonalnine-holecourse.

Itbecamean18-holechampionshipcourse, with the s horteningofsomeofitslengthypar5sandtheaddition of several challenging bunkers, the fairways and flawless greens are watered by a computerized irrigation system and the regular rainfall that falls on this high shoulder of the Great Rift Valley. There are unexpected surprises here as golfers are disturbed by a variety of antelopes and birdlife.

Club house facilities include:

  • Club and shoe rental 300-yard driving Rang
  • Professional putting. Greens
  • Pro-shop with high-tech training Facilities
  • Changing rooms with showers
  • Restaurant, bar and terraces.

Combining tradition with the most challenging golf course in the region, Muthaiga Golf Club is a must play for any visiting golfer.

  • 18 holes, Par71
  • Altitude: 1,710mts
  • Tee distance (championship): 7,169yards
  • Tee distance (men’s): 6,801yards
  • Tee distance (ladies’): 5,783yards
  • Course rating (SSS): 72, 71, and 73
  • Opened (original course):1913
  • Opened (new course):2004
  • Designer: Peter Matkovich

It is called The ‘Home of Golf ’and is the ultimate embodiment of Kenya’s unique marriage of ancient golf tradition and a modern 18-hole championship golf course. The force behind this renaissance is an extensive course reconstruction by the celebrated South African golf architect, Peter Markovich.

The Kenya Open, which is part of the European PGA Challenge Tour, has been hosted at Muthaiga Golf Club every year. Winding through the lush woodlands of Karura Forest, it offers a great ambiance, with its tree-lined fairways interspersed with numerous lakes and ponds. The water features are a breeding ground for magnificent Egyptian Geese, while monkeys frolic on the 522-yard doglegged 4th hole and the par-35th.

Club house facilities include:

  • Clubs for hire
  • 265-yard driving range
  • Putting green, practice bunker and chipping green
  • Fully equipped pro-shop
  • Changing rooms with shower

Worthy of its place among Kenya’s most famous tea fields.

  • 18 holes, par71
  • Altitude: 2,135
  • Tee distance (men’s): 6,739yards
  • Tee distance (ladies): 5,582yards

Applicable for professionals and championship tournaments

  • Course ratings (SSS):71
  • Opened: February1952
  • Designers: Mr. J.A. Kinnell &Major W.D. Bacon

SetamidtheradiantgreenteahillsthatgaverisetoKenya’smainexportindustryatthe start of the 20th century, Limuru Country Club provides a serene and uniquely charming countryretreatlessthan30kilometersfromthebustleofdowntownNairobi.Nestledin the foothills of the Uplands Escarpment, as it begins its ascent towards the Aberdare Mountains, the course is spread out over 200 acres of broad, sweeping fairways interwoven with magnificent indigenous trees and alive with the calls and iridescent colors of thousands of beautiful birds. Golfers are invariably awed by the signaturepar-5 3rd hole which enjoys stunning views over the luminous tea plantations. Up here at over 2100 meters, the highland air is crisp and energizing.

Club house facilities include:

  • 300m driving range with target greens
  • Putting green and practice bunkers
  • Pro-shop with branded clubs for hire
  • Changing rooms with showers
  • Restaurant, bar and terrace
  • Swimming pool, squash& tennis courts

With its lush fairways threading through natural woodlands, this stunning course occupies a special place in the heart of historic Kenya on the site of Karen Blixen’s famous coffee estate.

  • 18holes, par72
  • Course ratings (SSS): men-72, ladies-72
  • Altitude: 1,830
  • Tee distance (championship): 6,924yards
  • Tee distance (ladies): 5,707yards
  • opened: 1993
  • Designer: Jean Remy Martin

Karen Golf and Country Club smiles at the wit, but responds with one of the best –and most beautiful–walks anywhere in Africa, among lush indigenous forests, and pool sand wetlands bursting with birdlife, butterflies, sprays of flowers, and luminescent bougainvillea. As well as the area’s rich history (Karen Blixen’s home lies just beyond the second green) golfers will marvel at the little cameos of wildlife. Being near the equator above 1800 meters, the sunshine sparkles and your ball flies further through the cool highland air. There are no big hills to climb, but ample twists and turns and thoughtfully placed hazards to give big hitters a reality check.

Club house facilities include:

  • Club and trolley rental
  • 250-yard driving range
  • Practice, chipping and bunker zone
  • Restaurants and lounge
  • Fully equipped pro-shop
  • Changing rooms with showers


Region: Afar

Geographical Location:-500km north east of Addis Ababa on Awash Asab road.


Physical Features: Temperatures’ is high as in Awash National park. Very little rainfall as the area is semi- desert.

Vegetation:-semi-desert trees and scrub, savannah, open.Woodland

Fauna:-Thirty six(36)species of mammal, including wildass, GrebyZebra, gerenuk, Beisa Oryx, Hamadryads Baboon, Soemmering’s gatelle, and alt’s dik-dik.

Birdlife:-The 136 species of birds include two endemics.

Visitor facilities: Not yet Developed/Billen lodge can be served. Hotel in Gawane.

Yangudi-Rassa National Park

This roughly 5000 km2 National Park consists of mount Yangudi and the surrounding Rassa plains, and it harbors the only existing population of the African wild ass, a critically endangered species ancestor to the domestic donkey. Other large Mammal species survive in Yangudi Rassa, notably Beisa oryx, Soemmering’s and Dorcas Gazelle, Gerenuk and possibly Grevy’s Zebra. A good selection of dry country birds is resident in the area. The Arabian Bustard is a special and Ostriches are frequently observed

Size: 179km2(ninth)

Region: Amhara

Geographical Location:-760km north ofAddis Ababa , Via Bahardar,Gondar


Physical Features: Spectacular scenery, gorges and escarpments, just outside the park is RasDashen, Ethiopia’s highest peak at 4,543meters.

Temperatures: can fall below freezing at night. The Daytime temperatures are in the region of 11.50cto180c. The rainfall average 1,550mm a year.

Vegetation:-Afro-alpine montane, Savannah, heather, Much of the Vegetation has been Altered by Humans over the years and few trees will be seen in the area except the introduced eucalyptus. But In inaccessible areas, such as the escarpment, natural habitats areas, such as the escarpment, natural Habitats are preserved and plants such as St. John’s wort and heather may be seen as small trees or bushes, and many smaller herbs form carpets of color.

Fauna;- walia Ibex: semen Fox, Gelada Baboon, gery duiker, and Klipspringer are among the 21(Twenty-One)species.

Simien Mountains National Park

Massive erosion over the years on the Ethiopian plateau has created one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, with jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices dropping some 1500m. The park is home to some extremely rare animals such as the Gelada baboon, the Ethiopian Wolf and the Walia ibex, a goat found nowhere else in the world.

The Simien mountain massif is one of the major highlands of Africa, rising to the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dejen (4543m), which is the fourth highest peak in the continent. Although in Africa and not too far from the equator, snow and ice appear on the highest points and night temperatures often fall below zero.
The national park has three general botanical regions. The lower slopes have been cultivated and grazed, while the alpine regions (up to 3600m) were forested, although much has now disappeared. The higher lands are mountain grasslands with fescue grasses as well as heathers, splendid Red Hot Pokers and Giant Lobelia.

The park was created primarily to protect the Walia Ibex, a type of wild goat, and over 1000 are said to live in the park. Also in the park are families of the Gelada Baboon and the rare Ethiopian Wolf. The Ethiopian Wolf, although named after the mountains, is rarely seen by the visitor. Over 50 species of birds have been reported in the Simien Mountains. Access to the park is from Debark, 101 km from Gonder, where riding & pack animals may be hired.